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First Look: New Babolat Pure Drives!

Posted on November 17, 2014 in Rackets

Pure Drive 1Get excited! One of the most popular and versatile racket collections this sport has seen has just received an update! Here’s a first look on this update from someone who has hit a bit with these. And don’t worry, you won’t be waiting too long for these as they will be available to order beginning of December!

I must preface this blog and say I may have a slightly biased opinion since I have been using one form or another of the Pure Drive since 2001, so with that being said, I was insanely excited for this update! And I can say with confidence, if you love the Pure Drive series, you should enjoy this update!

Pure Drive 2

With a bold new design, these updated Pure Drives have a redefined sweetspot. Babolat has repositioned the woofers higher in the stringbed which puts the sweetspot a bit higher, while adding comfort to this powerful frame  – perfectly appealing to those bigger hitters! Babolat has also continued with the 16×19 string pattern, but has tightened the stringbed in the sweetspot, lending players more control and precision when striking the ball. This will also help players experience more feel on every stroke and aggressive baseliners will continue to find these rackets to be lethal in their hands.

In all honesty, I wasn’t a huge fan of the cosmetic when I first saw it, but it is growing on me as I spend more time with the racket in my hands. From the first few hits with these rackets (the Pure Drive, Pure Drive +, Pure Drive Tour, Pure Drive Tour+), I do notice the higher sweetspot, which for me is lending a bit more pop off the stringbed. And without sounding too cheesy, these rackets feel just like home to me, which is always something to be grateful for when brands update their racquets. I always worry that my favorite racket may change drastically or feel completely different. But rest assured, this update feels great! No loss of power, although I haven’t yet noticed that extra control from the tighter stringbed (I also haven’t hit with strings strung up as high as I usually string my current Pure Drive Roddick, so I still have some experimenting to do there!).

Pure Drive 3


Overall, these rackets will continue to appeal to the attacking baseliners who generate their own power and like to attack and take control of the point. Current Pure Drive players will love that solid, powerful feel that has become this racket’s signature over the years, and the added control and new sweetspot is appealing enough to give it a demo at least and see how versatile the Pure Drives can be!