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Back Pain on Young Tennis Players. Lower Back Pain, (Spondylolysis): causes, prevention and treatment. PART II

Posted on September 22, 2014 in Health and Nutrition


Prevention of back injuries is really important. At the JC Ferrero Academy we believe that the best treatment is always good prevention, so our team, with their knowledge about injuries in young athletes, works thoroughly in that direction.

Picture 1 - Spondylolysis

Picture 1 – Spondylolysis


Prevention of Spondylolysis (Picture 1) focuses on the right technique on the biomechanical movements of tennis, especially on the serves and overhead; the equipment used; the right rest breaks; and planning the correct training. In this regard, we work on the following preventative measures:

  • Right equipment. Consider:

Grip size and racquet weight
Right shoes
– Court conditions


Back Pain on Young Tennis Players. Lower Back Pain, (Spondylolysis): causes, prevention and treatment. PART I

Posted on September 11, 2014 in Health and Nutrition


Back pain is one of the most common injuries in sports, including tennis. Young tennis players have a higher risk of lower back pain or structural injury compared with other athletes from the same age. Some studies that correlate back pain and tennis suggest that back injuries result in about a month and a half of lost training time. A study conducted by Hass on 143 professional tennis players concluded the back pain was responsible for 38% of those players not being able to compete in at least one tournament a year.

Even though there is still much to investigate about the back pain on young players, there is something we already know. Although there are several factors, generally these injuries are repetitive stress injuries. We know the fast and repeated rotation of the lower back during strokes and the hyperextension during serves can be associated with the high injury rates amongst tennis players.