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How to plan a career from Junior until Pro level

Posted on July 24, 2014 in Tennis Life

To reach the elite levels of tennis, career planning begins as a junior player. Thus, we emphasize the following points:


Here is a detailed list of the professionals you should have on a team:

–       COACH: This person is responsible of coordinating the team. It is essential to have the commitment and trust of the player, a good attitude, background and some experience.

–       PHYSICAL TRAINER: Attitude is key. It is also essential to have experience. Having been a good trainer in other sports does not guarantee efficiency with tennis players. The trainer will have to reach the goals the coach established for the player in each phase.

–       DOCTOR: This key team member needs experience treating tennis-related injuries. The doctor must have knowledge of the sport’s technique and must act quickly to resolve any physical problems.

–       PHYSIOTHERAPIST: Experience in high-level sport is required as is good communication with the coach. The physiotherapist must not take on the responsibilities of the physical trainer and doctor.

Even once the team is set with the essential members, there are two common mistakes – first, family members who try to decide the goals or the ways to reach those, and second, the tendency to change the team or part of it if the objectives are not reached in a short period of time.

In an effort to avoid these problems, I would recommend players evaluate the coach’s disposition and commitment, and also the volume of work. The chemistry between the player and coach is also very important. In that case I would let the coach take the team’s decisions.

Juan Carlos Ferrero and Antonio Martínez Cascales - Photo cortesy of Equelite - Juan Carlos Ferrero Sport Academy

Juan Carlos Ferrero and Antonio Martínez Cascales – Photo cortesy of Equelite – Juan Carlos Ferrero Sport Academy


The importance of working the core in tennis and structuring the work outs

Posted on July 16, 2014 in Health and Nutrition

In this article we will try to clarify and define why tennis players need a strong core to be able to hit harder and with more control. We will breakdown exercises that should help increase the strength and elasticity in that part of the body.

First we need to understand that tennis is a sport that uses the entire body to generate power – the foundation of power is the core, then we add the racquet and ball. Strength travels from the bottom to the top of the body, and we call it the kinetic chain. A kinetic chain is a group of elements that produce the movement (body segments, with its muscles, joints and nerves) and offer strength. Kinetic chains can be open or closed, but we will not get into details because we do not need to understand kinematics in tennis strokes.

Once we understand this, we can see how a weak core could break the power transfer from the bottom to the top parts of the body, resulting in a slower and less powerful stroke. We also should note that back injuries are common amongst tennis players. That is why we need to work on strengthening the back.

Here we describe some exercises you can do. It is also important to start with a good warm-up and to finish any type of core work doing mobility exercises.

1-     The first — and most important — exercise will help prevent injuries and stabilize the entire core. We use isometric strength exercises (static exercises where the muscle doesn’t change length) like front and lateral planks.

Example: Lying face down on your stomach, you will press up until arms are straight, like a push-up. Hold that position and activate the whole core. How long the position is held will depend on the level of the player and the timing of the workout. This type of workout can be done the entire year but will be used more during the harder weeks of training when we cannot workout much because we need to avoid fatigue so we do not affect our game.

Isometric exercises

Isometric exercises


Tennis Warehouse Europe and JC Ferrero – Equelite: Meet JC Ferrero!!

Posted on March 3, 2014 in Tennis Life

The tennis world is celebrating!

Today is a really special day for all the tennis lovers; it is World Tennis Day. It is hard to express with words what tennis means to us, JC Ferrero – Equelite, and everything it has given to us for almost 25 years as an Academy. We have worked hard year after year to make our players’ dreams come true with the illusion to be professional players because their passion, as it is for us, is the game of tennis.

We feel proud and satisfied when we look back and see how a lot of players that have been in our academy achieved their dreams of being professional players, and we were able to see how Juan Carlos reached number one in the world in 2003. We live for the tennis, and that’s why when we have to choose traveling colleagues we always look for partners that feel the same passion for this sport. We could not find a better affiliate to be our official store than Tennis Warehouse, the #1 online tennis retailer in the world.