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8 Best Polyester Tennis Strings Under 10€!

Posted on August 14, 2015 in Strings

Rafael Nadal uses Babolat RPM Blast to help unlock the power and spin in his game. Photo courtesy of Mike Frey

Rafael Nadal uses Babolat RPM Blast to help unlock the power and spin in his game. Photo courtesy of Mike Frey

Babolat RPM Blast, Luxilon ALU Power, Solinco Tour Bite… these polyester tennis strings are popular on the pro tour because of their low-powered response that allows players to swing extremely fast and generate tons of spin. Also, their monofilament construction also offers excellent durability for frequent string breakers.

Let it be known that if you don’t have long, fast, more modern “low to high” strokes, then polyester strings may not be ideal for you. They are very low-powered and stiff which can cause arm problems in players that can’t generate a lot of their own power. A good rule of thumb to remember is that if you are able to break softer strings like synthetic gut or multifilament in 20 hours of less, then you’ll most like benefit from the unique properties that polyester strings provide.

With so many polyester tennis string options out there, you don’t have to break the bank to get great performance. Here is a list of some of our TW Staff’s favorite polyester strings that are available under 10€ a set:

Cyclone-150x150Volkl Cyclone (7.90€)
This is one of our staff’s favorite strings across the board for its combination of performance and value. Offering a slightly crisp feel and medium stiffness, Cyclone provides excellent control and loads of spin potential for big hitters at a great value! Available in a variety of colors and gauges, including an ultra thin 19 (1.10mm) gauge!


Cyclone-Tour-150x150Volkl Cyclone Tour (9.90€)

This is a softer version of Cyclone, making it a bit more user-friendly and powerful. It’s also twisted during construction for a unique feel. Because of its softer feel relative to other polys, this one is perfect for first time polyester users looking to see what they’re all about.


BHB7-150x150Tourna Big Hitter Black 7 (9.90€)
This is another one of our staff’s favorites with a softer, livelier feel. Another one that’s great for first time polyester users or players with a history of arm problems, this string’s seven sharp edges bite the ball at impact to help you generate tons and tons of spin.


Polylon-150x150Gosen Polylon (5.50€)
This might be the best bang for your buck at under $5 a set. Offered in a variety of colors and gauges, this string has a stiff and very low-powered response that “old school poly lovers” will enjoy. If you like to swing big and generate all your own power, this one can’t be beat for the price.



Kirschbaum Pro Line X (6.90€)
Unlike SS Spiky above, this co-poly from Kirschbaum DOES have those chemical additives that soften up the feel and make this string a little more comfortable and dampened. Like most other Kirschbaum polys, this has been pre-stretched during production to give it exceptional tension maintenance.


Outlast-150x150Solinco Outlast (6.90€)
A more budget-friendly option in the Solinco polyester line, Outlast offers excellent control and durability with a softer, more dampened response. This one is ideal for string breakers who swing big and like generating all their own power.


Pro-Red-Code-150x150Tecnifibre Pro Red Code (10.50€)
An extremely popular string, Pro Red Code has a loyal following for its dampened feel and exceptional control. It’s the string of choice for our #1 American man John Isner, so it’ll probably work well for you too! We know this stings is priced at 10.50€ / set, but since this is really a great performing string we added it to this blog anyway.


Cyberflash-150x150Topspin Cyberflash (6.90€)
Another staff favorite, this one offers a soft and very lively feel that makes for a great choice for first-time poly users. This one has a similar feel/response as Luxilon ALU Power, just a little softer and more powerful.