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Top 5 Arm Friendly Poly Strings!

Posted on October 7, 2014 in Strings

This summer, we made a selection of the strings that produce the most spin. Today, you will find a list of all the strings that we consider the best for the players in search of a more arm friendly control string. We have limited our focus to poly-based monofilaments. For a larger selection of arm friendly strings, have a look on our soft strings category!

Polyfibre TCS

Softest Round Polys

  1. Polyfibre TCS
  2. Isospeed Pulse
  3. Head Sonic Pro
  4. Topspin Cyber Flash
  5. Yonex Poly Tour Pro


Polyfibre HexabladeSoftest Shaped Polys

  1. Polyfibre Hexablade
  2. Tourna Big Hitter Black 7
  3. Volkl V Torque
  4. Solinco Tour Bite Soft
  5. Dunlop Black Widow

Volkl Cyclone TourSoftest Twisted Polys

  1. Volkl Cyclone Tour
  2. Gamma Zo Twist
  3. MSV Hepta Twist
  4. Weiss CANNON TurboTwist
  5. Volkl V-Twist





*Please note: poly-based strings are generally stiffer than their nylon and natural gut counterparts. The strings above should not be considered arm-friendly compared to these softer material classes, rather, they should be considered more arm friendly than their poly-based peers.