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TW Review: Zepp 2.0 App

Posted on July 10, 2015 in Rackets

Zepp is stepping up their game with a new app for tennis players.  While the sensor and mounts remain completely the same, the Zepp 2.0 app features a modern update and is now endorsed by ATP star, Milos Raonic.

Compatible with all rackets, the Zepp sensor has two different mounts, the pro mount or the flex mount. For me, I preferred the pro mount because it was less obtrusive as I tend to hold the grip at the lowest possible point. There were times my hand was hanging over the edge and I could feel the sensor. However, it was never bothersome. When using the flex mount, I would recommend using an overgrip on top of the mount for better comfort.

The Zepp sensor with the flex mount.

The Zepp sensor with the flex mount.

When setting up the Zepp sensor for use, I noticed two things. The first was when I was turning the device on. You have to hold down the button firmly with two thumbs for 4-plus seconds. Sometimes I wasn’t pushing firmly enough or holding down the button long enough. When the sensor does turn on, you will see the lights appear down the sensor (they remind me of Nightrider). Secondly I had some initial difficulties with charging the device. My recommendation is to make sure the sensor is charging on a flat surface and that the gold dots on the sensor are fully lined up with the charger. Sometimes the sensor would need a small adjustment when inside the charger. Make sure you can see the lights turn on to confirm that the sensor is charging. For more information on setting up the sensor, please check out the How to Set Up the Zepp Tennis Sensor Video (in English only).

Once out on the court, I had no issues with connecting the sensor to the tablet and it was very easy to see if the device was connected once inside the app. The app itself is very straightforward. There is a main screen to get you to the three different features on the app: the training center, 3D serve practice and play tracking. There is also a sidebar for easy navigation within the app that I found myself using a lot.

The new main screen on the Zepp 2.0 app.

The new main screen on the Zepp 2.0 app.

The new training center features videos from Milos Raonic and professional tennis coach Lance Johnson. In his videos, Raonic gives you tips on several different topics including serves, consistency and intensity. Professional tennis coach Lance Johnson breaks down different topics like how to increase your ball speed on serve in to an easy step by step tutorial.

The new play tracking feature gives you instant feedback during your session as well as a customized report when you are finished. The instant feedback consists of total shots, total time and shot breakdown. When I receive my report in the updated app, I found it was easier to see all the main information in a quick glance when compared to the previous app. However, the information doesn’t break down into more details or charts like the previous app did. The report divides your session into three sections that you can compare to previous sessions. I liked that it gave me tips and videos to watch on areas that I was struggling with that day.

The 3D Serve feature on the Zepp 2.0 app.

The 3D Serve feature on the Zepp 2.0 app.

Lastly, the 3D serve tracking feature has pretty much remained the same from the previous app. It is my favorite feature on the app and I think this is one of the coolest features of all the different sensors. I loved being able to see my serve from all different angles as well as where my contact point was for each serve.

Please check out our sensor guide to see if the Zepp sensor or any of our other sensors could work for you.


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